Ginette Shares Her Knowledge and Experience with Others in the Following Ways:


 Featured As Cover Girl of What Women Want Plus More Print Magazine



Ginette Hunter

Is a WOW Gal!

Featured February 2012


Wanting To Create An Outdoor Oasis Article by Ginette (Pg.19)



Women's Health and Wellness Fair  May 28, 

Live Life Alive Expo Sept 30-Oct. 2

Get Inspired Radio Guest Oct. 6

What Women Want Expo  Oct. 12

People in Connection Evening Showcase Event  Oct. 17

Inspirational Transformational TV Guest  Oct. 30

Divine Light Within Radio Guest  Nov. 17

People In Connection Niagara Show  Nov. 25 


Mindfulness & Feng Shui Workshop  Jan. 8

Healthy Chatter Radio Show Jan. 25, 2 - 2:30pm

Pampering Fest Jan. 28, 10am - 4pm

Featured WOW Gal, Women of Worth Magazine  Feb 1

New Year, New You - Weekend Retreat Getaway Feb 17-19

Presentation at Benjamin Moore, Virgil, ON  Feb. 29

Transformational Talk Radio Interview  Mar 15. 6-7pm

Curious Muriel BlogTalk Radio Show August 16th @ 9 am

G.H.O.S.T.S. Conference and Psychic, Metaphysical and Wellness Expo 

September 28, 29, 39 @


ALL About YOU Day  April 20th 10 am - 5pm


Spend Time with Ginette Via These Featured Media Spots

Get Inspired Radio Guest

Inspirational Transformational TV Guest

Divine Light Within Radio Guest

People In Connection Niagara Show

Transformational Talk Radio Show

Balance in Your Environment Curious Murel Radio Show,

Helping people to make positive changes in their lives is an honour and a great blessing!

Feng Shui is the Life Force in Your Daily Environment 

Harmony in Design Feng Shui With Ginette

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