What are Clients Saying About Their Experience of Feng Shui With Ginette?

"Ginette Hunter truly worked her magic of Feng Shui in my home. Her extensive knowledge removed the blocks in my Abundance, Helpful People and Travel areas. The benefits of her Feng Shui treatment to our home has even solved some decorating challenges. The grasping of meaning to the item placement that improves the CHI energy is an empowering reward. Even the subtle changes are evident to both my husband and myself.

An absolutely wonderful way to improve, lift and accelerate one's life! We both anticipate the beautiful rainbows that dance on our walls with the morning sun. A definite start to our day with JOY!" Gloria Messenger (Spiritual Artist & Angel Messenger), Niagara On The Lake, Ontario

"I wanted to take the time to say thank-you so very much for all your extra efforts and time in helping to organize and Feng Shui my business studio. I had been feeling  in a rut and stuck in a cluttered, unorganized mess and not sure where to start! I can't believe the transformation in my life after your visit!

You have this amazing calming effect on people and are so very easy to talk to. I found myself feeling comfortable to open up to you with issues I hadn't even thought I would be sharing - with an interior decorator! But I came to understand how Feng Shui affects all areas of ones' life, the energy flow for each room and each area of each room. You are very thorough and caring and your attention to detail is so evident. Your suggestions were simply fantastic and I am thrilled with the transformation in my space and my business life! I noticed a difference right away after applying your suggestion and continue to.

I can't wait to have you back to transform my home as well!" -- Kim Cartmell, Focus on You Photography, Niagara Region

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Helping people to make positive changes in their lives is an honour and a great blessing!

Feng Shui is the Life Force in Your Daily Environment

Harmony in Design Feng Shui With Ginette

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